10 Hour VA

Get an extra set of hands without hiring a full-time assistant.

Outsource to people you can grow with.

So, you’re Busy with a Capital B.

You could even underline and ALL CAPS the word, and it still wouldn’t capture how frazzled you feel some days.

It’s not because you aren’t a savvy business owner…

You’re simply taking on TOO MUCH STUFF.

Too many manual, time-consuming, or tedious tasks that lure you away from your genius zone and keep you in "The Land of Busy Work".

Get an extra set of hands without hiring a full-time assistant.

Meanwhile, your big ideas are left in limbo

Get your backlog of ideas accomplished!

You have countless lightbulb moments a week (usually in the shower) on ways to generate new leads, nurture your clients, and scale your business. But without anyone free to implement these brilliant ideas, they never see the light of day.

“I’ll get to them when I can” becomes your running motto…

Only, “when I can” never comes.

Bet you know where we’re going with this…

Yup. You need a 10-hour VA

(Aka, the sweet spot between DIYing everything in your business and hiring full-time support). As the name suggests, your 10-hour VA will give you 10 dedicated, highly skilled hours per week on whichever tasks top your list. That means 10, glorious hours to move your business forward without needing any of your time.


Dedicated VA for 10hrs/week, 40 hrs/month

Dedicated Client Success Specialist

HR Compliant

Candidate Interviews

What is the Cost?

We offer our clients a service and quality assurance guarantee. If your virtual team member is not performing at their highest level or to your standards, we will replace them free of charge. UNICORN GUARANTEED

90 Day commitment required and a one-time setup fee of $199.

The perfect solution

A 10-hour VA is perfect for you if…

You want to test the waters before going all in.

New to outsourcing? This is the perfect, bite-sized level of support to get you started. It’s also incredibly cost-effective, so you can see if it’s the right fit before investing in more hours.

You’ve ever thought, “I wish I had more time.”

We know … who hasn’t thought this?! But instead of staying on the struggle bus and battling your calendar, why not get a 10-hour VA to help create more whitespace?

You’re starting to despise parts of your business.

If certain tasks bore you to tears or put you in a cold, panicky sweat at 3:00 am, you DON’T have to keep doing them. Your 10-hour VA will gladly take them off your shoulders.

You have a specific project in mind.

You’re not looking for a generalist; you seek specific support for a specific type of project. Whatever you need (i.e. a tech VA, social media VA, systems VA, etc.) we have you covered!

Your business has plateaued and you want to SCALE.

No more playing small. You’re ready to step into your CEO role, delegate more tasks, and put that backlog of big, bold ideas into motion!

⚠️ WARNING: Hiring a 10-hour VA for your team may lead to a cheesy BEST BOSS award.

Already have a thriving team?

You’re still in the right place, friend.

Go on and ask your Marketing Manager or Director of Operations if they could use an extra set of hands each week. Bet they’ll interrupt with a resounding YESSSS before you’ve even finished the question.

In short: If you don’t need a 10-hour VA, pay the love forward and think of your swamped team members instead!

What will you do with 10 extra hours per week?

The possibilities are endless! Let the time freedom begin by starting with this simple step…