Four Tips For Being the Best Leader Possible

Hailey Davis
Sep 30

I started Assistantly to help busy people find high-quality virtual assistants. Since opening for business, we’ve moved from a startup with only myself at the helm into an amazing company where employees are treated like family and given every opportunity to thrive in their roles as leaders of tomorrow! I had to learn quickly what it means to be a great leader when running such a large enterprise, but after doing so now know many valuable lessons that will hopefully be helpful not just here but also on your journey towards success.

I wanted share 4 important takeaways about my time leading this successful organization:

1. GIVE Your Team Full Control

You hired your team members for a reason – Because you trust their abilities. You saw something in them and decided to trust them with their position. Frankly, let them do what they do best.

Don’t micromanage them or control every move they make. Every team member should be in a position where they can GROW. Growth happens by learning – Not by being controlled.

2. TRUST Your Team

In the same vein of not being a controlling, annoying boss, you also need to trust your employees. If you have trust issues with your own team then it will never work. I never micromanage my team, I never say no to any of their requests, I let them have as many sick days as they like, and I don’t keep track of what time they start and what time they clock off.

Unfortunately, this is rare to find in many leaders. While it’s important to make sure your employees are a good representation of your business, you also shouldn’t be hiring people you don’t trust. Only hire people who are clearly capable of doing a great job and that have a great track record. When you do, you can completely trust everyone to do what they are supposed to.

3. CARE About Your Team

Do you genuinely care about your team and their development? While I don’t expect my team members to stay with me forever, I do care about when they move on to the next chapter of their life, that they are set up for massive success. I want them to feel as though they learned something from working at Assistantly, rather than have a bad taste in their mouth.

A team member should never leave your company feeling like they wasted a few years of their life and that it was just a paycheck.

4. REWARD Everyone Fairly

Gurus say that you will never find people that care about your business as much as you do, well that’s a lie. They are out there, but the only way they will care about your business is if when you win they win. That means you need to set up some type of system where they are rewarded for doing “better” at their job. Maybe you give them a bonus for signing on a new client. Maybe you treat them for lunch if they designed a killer product. Whatever it is, make sure you reward them.

I hope my perspective as a CEO is helpful, no matter what type of leader you are. Even if you were just assigned your first employee at your company, it’s always important to improve your leadership skills. Now go apply this shit and you’ll see your company culture shift!

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