How a Marketing Company Generated 5x More Revenue After Hiring a Video Editor

Jan 26

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What does this business do?

Advisor Video Marketing coaches financial advisors to easily and authentically grow their business with video. 

They are home to the Video Creation Masterclass which walks them through everything they need to begin leveraging video in their business. 

What were the role(s) they hired for?

Advisor Video Marketing strategically employed a skilled video editor to transform their lengthy content into captivating, short-form videos for various social media platforms. Utilizing the editor's expertise, the videos were expertly edited, captioned, and optimized for engagement.

What was the background of the virtual assistant(s) hired? 

  • 16+ years Video Editing experience 
  • Created TV promotions, commercials, and branding animation
  • CGI Creator/Motion Designer
  • Worked with notable fashion companies & keynote speakers

What were the results? 

Advisor Media Marketing had a blast as they welcomed 20 new clients (totalling $400,000 in revenue for the year) to the team! They let their creativity flow and produced a plethora of exciting content that was shared across multiple platforms. Their founder was on fire as they built their personal brand and shone in the spotlight, reaching new heights of exposure and success. It was a party and everyone was invited to join in on the fun!

Key Highlights:

  • Company obtained more clients because of video distribution
  • Their team was back on track 
  • Assistantly experience was smooth and easy 
  • Their VA is signed for a year commitment because of the short-term success

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