How ROVI Skyrocketed Productivity With A Team of Virtual Assistants

Jan 24

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What does this business do?

ROVI’s Mission is to be the most innovative, forward thinking and technologically-advanced real estate brokerage in the Greater Springfield Area. They are dedicated to offering high-quality, efficient client services through a team-oriented business approach.

Their culture is very important to them. They believe in accountability, teamwork, respect and integrity. There is no room for ego or drama in our business. They care about their people and they care about their customers. 

ROVI was recently awarded the INC 5000 Award Winner for Fastest Growth in Real Estate.

What were the role(s) they hired for?

ROVI has leveraged the services of Virtual Assistants to enhance their operations, covering a broad spectrum of responsibilities such as administrative support, executive assistance, cold calling and marketing design.

What was the background of the virtual assistant(s) hired? 

  • 7+ years Administrative/Executive experience
  • All VAs worked in the Real Estate industry for 5+ years
  • Operations Management, Marketing Coordination, & Executive Assistant roles in past jobs
  • Worked with notable Real Estate companies such as Compass & Coldwell Banker

What were the results? 

ROVI successfully improved productivity by engaging virtual assistants across various departments. Prior to this, there were numerous gaps in operations, and the team was understaffed. With the implementation of virtual assistants, ROVI now boasts a smoothly functioning organization with dedicated team members tackling vital tasks.

Key Highlights:

  • Versatile assistants that helped fill in the gaps
  • The variety of virtual assistants offered made it easier for ROVI to create a remote team
  • All US based employees now feel supported, generating more time in their day, and reducing stress

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