3 Ways to Create and Maintain Balance Between Dreamers and Doers

By now, we all know everyone has different ways of processing and communicating information. Whether you prefer Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, or even horoscope signs, there are explanations of how people differ from each other. But in business, there are often doers and dreamers. Every successful business has a team of doers who take action quickly. On the other hand, dreamers are the ones that think of the ideas that make a business thrive. So, how do you find a good balance between the dreamers and doers?

1. Create Roles For the Dreamers

Dreamers can face challenges in the workplace because they are often seen as all talk and no action. However, it’s important to understand that great ideas take great imagination. When it comes to dreamers, they can think of ideas that no one has even considered yet. Some of these ideas may sound ridiculous to doers, but just about every life-changing business or invention sounded crazy at first. Alexander Graham Bell was told his invention of the telephone was useless and had no future. There were predictions that the Internet would fail, which journalists and business “experts” made publicly.

So, in order to not be the next “Look at what this guy said 10 years ago about this now essential invention” article, it’s vital that you create roles for dreamers in your workplace. Create positions and projects for creative strategists and visionaries. Or, if you have a super fun work culture, you could call them “dreamers” or “idea creators”. Do whatever makes them feel valued and welcome on the team as someone whose sole job is to dream up business ideas. Because if a dreamer is so sure about something, they may just take their idea elsewhere and capitalize off of it without you.

2. Enable Easy Communication Between the Doers and Dreamers

Once you make designated roles or projects for the dreamers, you must enable easy communication between them and the doers. Most dreamers aren’t skilled in the art of taking action when they have a good idea. That’s where the doers come in. They are the ones that will take a good idea and get it rolling so your business can make a profit off of it. These employees usually aren’t the creative ones, but they are the ones that will create a plan and ensure everything goes smoothly.

With all of that being said, it’s essential that you foster healthy and easy communication between these two types of employees. These could be different Slack channels that are designated for sharing ideas with each other. Or, it could be an idea board in the office where dreamers pin their latest ideas, and a doer can choose one and present it to their higher-ups. Whatever it is, make it easy and fun. When you enable easy communication, your business will be more effective and will beat your competition.

3. Listen to Both Doers and Dreamers

There may be times where you feel stuck between someone with a larger-than-life idea and someone that is doubtful the idea will work. This is where your thoughtful communication and feedback come in. Consider both points of view with an objective view and think about what would be the most profitable for the company. Once you make your decision on if you should go with the idea, explain to both that their feedback and ideas are always welcome. Keep the environment positive and welcome for both doers and dreamers.

Always Maintain Balance

Working with doers and dreamers effectively requires great balance. With too many dreamers, the doers who are implementing the ideas can get stressed out. On the other hand, with too many doers, some may get bored because of a lack of projects. So, do everything you can to maintain balance between these employees. Ask for feedback and ideas on how to maintain it if you have to. You and your employees will thank you later.

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