How REAL Hired 10 Virtual Assistants & Saved $60,000/month on Payroll

Use Cases is a weekly blog about the international talent our clients are hiring for. We dive deep into the company, role, and of course the results! Assistantly an international talent agency that makes it fast & easy to hire quality virtual assistants for your business.

What does this business do?

Real is the fastest growing publicly-traded real estate tech brokerage. Operating in 44 U.S. states, DC, and Canada, Real is on a mission to make agents' lives better, creating financial opportunities for agents through better commission splits, best-in-class technology, revenue sharing and equity incentives.

What were the roles they hired for?

REAL has made strategic hires across several key departments, including admin/operations, marketing, and client success. To ensure efficient project management and adherence to deadlines, they brought on experienced operation managers. The marketing team has been strengthened with the addition of skilled coordinators, specialized in graphic design, content creation, and video editing. Additionally, the company has appointed a team of dedicated agent success managers to guarantee smooth onboarding and training for all new agents 

What was the background of the virtual assistant(s) hired? 

  • 7+ years Customer Support Experience in IT, Tech, Startups 
  • Numerous Master Degrees obtained
  • Numerous Awards for Staff Members of the Year 
  • Worked with Fortune 500 companies 

What were the results? 

The REAL team hit the ground running by bringing on a fantastic mix of talent from all departments to give a little extra love to the C-suite. And let me tell you, it paid off big time - they saved a whopping $60,000 in their first month alone! At first, they were only looking for candidates within the US, but after seeing the success of their outsourcing efforts, they just couldn't resist adding even more awesome VAs to the team! So it's a win-win, not just for the company but also for the team and the newly hired team members!

Key Highlights:

  • Ability to focus on A-level tasks again
  • Expanded their remote team quickly
  • Our systemologist was able to multiply their efficiency
  • Sourced the perfect fit for the numerous positions they hired for

Real Clients, Real Stories - here is more about REAL:

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