The Benefits of Outsourcing a Virtual Team Member

The Benefits of Outsourcing a Virtual Team Member Are you considering outsourcing a new team member? Outsourcing team members isn’t a new concept for most industries. Sometimes, it makes more sense financially to outsource someone to help you with your project, whether it be part-time or full-time. However, when it comes to outsourcing a virtual team member, many companies or small businesses are yet to jump on board.

The truth is, outsourcing a virtual team member is one of the best options for any company, but especially a small business. There are many benefits of hiring a virtual team member, such as the ones at Assistantly. Below are just a handful of the reasons you should hire a virtual team member.

Virtual Team Members Are More Productive

Did you know remote workers are much more productive than in-person employees? In fact, 91% of them say so according to a blog post by Bryan Grey. This goes for all employees, not just virtual assistants, so this is a benefit of remote working in general. Furthermore, a report from Stanford University says remote workers, such as virtual assistants, take fewer sick days and shorter breaks. This can amount to 13% more productivity. An article by Anta Campbell for the U.S. Small Business Administration also reports that inefficiencies can account for 20% to 30% in revenue loss. So, it’s crucial that you find an employee who is as productive as possible, which can be achieved by hiring a virtual team member.

But, are outsourced virtual team members more productive than in-house remote employees? Some can argue that they are. Because most virtual assistants work hourly, it may encourage them to focus while they are on the clock. We have all been there: working remotely with a full-time job. You may scroll a bit on Instagram or taking a few extra minutes to pet your dog during a break. When working full-time, a salary job can make taking longer breaks feel harmless. But, the truth is, it’s time and money wasted. This is why having a paid-by-the-hour employee can be more productive.

Virtual Assistants Save Your Business Money

One of the main reasons business owners opt to hire virtual assistants over employees is to save money. According to the same blog post mentioned previously by Bryan Grey, hiring a virtual assistant over a full-time salary employee can save you up to 78% in operating costs.

There are a few reasons for this high percentage:

  • Many virtual assistants are from overseas so they charge less per hour
  • You don’t have to pay for health and dental insurance as you would a full-time employee
  • You don’t need to rent or buy an office space for your employees to work

Additionally, the on-boarding costs of a full-time employee are far higher than they are for virtual team members. So, if you are on a budget, but still would like quality work, relying on a virtual team member is a great solution. Although they cost far less than the typical employee, you can still get the same work done, and sometimes at an even faster pace.

Virtual Assistants Are Much Happier Employees

Do you need help with customer service or reaching out to leads? If so, a virtual assistant is one of your best options. According to an article by Inc., 97% of freelancers report being much happier than full-time employees doing the same types of tasks. This large percentage can make a drastic difference in the quality of customer service that your team offers.

In addition to this evident level of happiness amongst virtual team members, 94% of freelancers said they feel as though their work makes a contribution to the world. On the other hand, only 76% of full-time workers had the same sentiment. We know that feeling as though you are contributing to the world is what drives passion. So, it’s safe to assume virtual assistants can provide more passionate work, no matter the task.

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As you can see, working with a virtual team member can be a great choice for your company. At Assistantly, our amazing virtual assistants provide high-quality work to clients from several industries. We can help with anything from marketing to data entry. Our team prides itself on its variety of skills and the different backgrounds of our team members, so one of our virtual assistants will be the perfect match for you.

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