The Workplace has Changed Forever

As we all know, the pandemic changed what we once viewed as workplace norms. Employees are now expecting much more from their employers, and people realize that a company's culture is one of the key factors in determining how happy they will be at work each day. 

This shift has made an impact on every industry because it challenges traditional thinking about who should represent your brand; if you want good employees then treat them right! We've seen many changes stick around after this event: new expectations for business relationships (humanizing), transparency with both sides involved being open-minded enough to listen instead of speaking all the time so there aren't any surprises down the line, all pave way towards better understanding employee needs and wants - which will only lead us to greater success together.

The way we work has changed forever. With the pandemic rolling on, people wanted more control over their life balance and that is what led them to seek out remote opportunities where they can be happier with less stress in order for higher productivity as well! 

We at Assistantly were built out of this need- so from day one our mission was clear: matching amazing businesses together with A+ player talent who are interested only in working remotely.  

We are here for it and a few other things we’ve seen change...

Remote Work is the New Norm

The Great Resignation is not just a thought, but real freedom for many! The COVID-19 pandemic has led companies to shift their workforce, and as remote employees are happier with the arrangement they want it indefinitely. Working from home allows people not only more time for themselves but also healthier living in general which means less stress overall! Plus there's no need to pack a lunch or sit through hours of commuting each week - that saves so much money right off the bat (literally).

With the ability to work anywhere, balance and freedom are now possible. People can enjoy a healthy life-work balance on a sailboat in the Bahamas, or in a cabin outside of Vancouver!  Don’t we all want to kick ass accomplishing our goals and still have brunch in a small cafe in Paris, or enjoy lunch with our active mini-me’s.  We got the taste of having it all and we don’t want to give it back to old, worn out ideas of workplace norms.  Remote work is here to stay!

 "Let your employees work remotely. Because if you don't, someone else will.  I promise."  ~Laith Masarweh, CEO at Assistantly

Online Opportunities: Driving New Business Creation

The pandemic has expanded our curiosity and opened a world of learning and opportunity for so many. We spent a year learning new skills, practicing new habits, finding our passion through exploration and reading, and figuring out what will no longer be negotiable in our lives. Employees are quitting to follow their passions and it's difficult to continue working for someone else when they know their talents and newly learned skills could be used for something more!

The expansion of online technologies is allowing people from all walks of life access to opportunities that would never have been available before; whether you are creating affiliate income by recommending your favorite products to others, using your creativity to jump into the NFT market or you are building a course empire generating awareness and opportunities for others, expanded learning options and technology gave everyone the chance to change their lives through curiosity.  

The millions of businesses born out of the pandemic are a different breed!  The Great Resignation is not just a temporary movement. It’s the desire for more freedom, happiness and less stress in one's life that has led people to start businesses and explore self-fulfilling opportunities at a record pace - but it doesn't and won’t stop there! 

Creative Opportunity

Online businesses have the opportunity to be creative. More than ever, we are using our imaginations and what dreams may come true with Web3, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and the Metaverse®.  We can’t wait to see our Unicorn World expand in the MetaVerse®.  

All this creativity is going to make owning something special that much easier for those who can think outside of boundaries or break them apart when necessary because they're not afraid anymore. Online business owners need not only imagination and passion but also drive and teamwork too as technology evolves at lightning speed these days. 

Businesses are creating apps, worlds and more, to do this at the level of evolving technology; they are seeking help from individuals with very specific, unique niche skill sets!  Where do they find people with these unique skills? I think we have a few answers ;), but that leads us to another thing we see staying in our post pandemic world. 

Niche Specializations

We like to call this "The Great Niche-ing of our Workforce". Technology is changing at such a rapid pace, it's more difficult than ever to be an expert in many things. A “Jack/Jill of all Trades” used to exist but now we're seeking out “Unicorn” employees with niche or exceptional skills that can't just do everything for you - these people are rarer than ever because their in depth knowledge of any subject matter or skill set tops most other workers' understanding.

At Assistantly, we are being asked to fill remote positions for the most unique opportunities daily… Have you ever heard of a game-tester? VR/AR marketer? Just a decade ago, it would be unheard of to even think of these positions. Our team finds Unicorns that specialize in these roles so business owners can hire top-of-the-line virtual team members. Speaking of which… If you need help with absolutely anything, one of our virtual assistants can help you find the Unicorn you are looking for to drive success!

A More Humanized Approach

Not sure why we ever took the “human” out of the human being working for us!  But many employees report feeling like they were just a number to their employers. With many companies choosing not to pivot to a kinder, more inclusive workspace for their employees...the world of workers was just like “Peace out!” because they know what they want can be found somewhere else.

Our company is a human-first organization. We believe that even just typing the phrase "We are treating our workforce as humans" sounds ridiculous, but it took way too long for companies to realize how important this was becoming in order for them to not only survive but thrive as well! In other words - we have always been there when employees needed us; however now thanks largely to recent changes within our society, awareness of employees needs has increased.  

Increased awareness around mental health issues like depression or anxiety – alongside improving balance between work life, personal growth and family life through flexible working hours etc., you can see why many organizations want their staff to feel valued above anything else!

"Let your employees do what they want. 💎 The more you restrict them, the less creative they will be. You hired them for a reason in the first place right? Don’t delegate, appreciate." -Laith Masarweh, CEO

So How Does This Affect Our Workforce at Assistantly?

Luckily, being born out of the pandemic, we recognized the need for all of these points from the beginning. We created a culture where the "new way" is our way. We have happier, healthier people because of it. Not to mention, our turnover is incredibly, dare I say record-breaking, low – especially for this industry.

With all of that being said, it’s vital that the leaders of every business, corporate or startup, focus on their brand culture. This will set your business apart, with employees that truly care about its success and with clients that see why it’s worth working with you!

“Clients will love a company when the employees love it first.”  ~Laith Masarweh, CEO of Assistantly

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