What are the Top 100 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Business?

As the world becomes more and more digital, there has been a growing demand for virtual assistants. With the tools available today, such as Zoom, Trello, Google Docs, and others, collaboration is possible from anywhere in the world. This has opened the eyes of many managers and business owners to the idea of hiring a virtual team member. But, many people are still unsure of what virtual assistants can do. In this blog post, we’ll cover the top 100 things a virtual employee can help you with – which doesn’t even scratch the surface of their capabilities.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Before we cover the extensive list of what a virtual assistant can do for your business, let’s discuss what a virtual assistant is. In short, they are someone who can help you in most facets of your business. You can hire virtual assistants that specialize in different areas, or you can hire a virtual assistant that can do mostly everything. But, for the most part, a virtual assistant can help you with just about anything business-related.

If you’re wondering if virtual assistants only help people in specific industries, the answer is most industries can hire virtual team members. But, here are the industries that most commonly hire virtual assistants:

  • Residential and commercial real estate
  • Business coaching
  • Marketing
  • Fitness coaching
  • Nonprofit and charity
  • Finance

In addition to those industries, most startups hire virtual team members across every industry. A virtual assistant that works for a startup usually covers the tasks that the full-time employees can’t get to. This helps save the startup money as they don’t need to hire another employee in the beginning stages of their business.

100 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Team Member Can Do

Before hiring a virtual team member, it’s worth asking yourself if they could actually help you. Because of the diverse backgrounds of virtual assistants, you are likely to find someone that can effortlessly help you. Below are the top 100 tasks a virtual assistant can do.

Marketing Tasks

  1. Graphic design for marketing flyers
  2. Create real estate listing flyers
  3. Respond to social media messages
  4. Respond to comments on social media posts
  5. Graphic design for social media images
  6. Respond to emails
  7. Send out monthly newsletters
  8. Gather data on a target audience
  9. Write blog posts or articles
  10. Post in your Facebook groups
  11. Monitor customer reviews and responding accordingly
  12. Make cold calls
  13. Do competitor research
  14. Proofread or edit blog posts
  15. Publish blog posts on your website
  16. Find high-quality stock images to use on social media or your website
  17. Update your website with up-to-date information or events
  18. Optimize your website according to SEO guidelines
  19. Ensure your website is fully accessible
  20. Schedule content for social media
  21. Perform content audits on social media and your website
  22. Do product or service research
  23. Design digital or physical business cards
  24. Create email templates
  25. Write blog posts
  26. Manage sales funnels
  27. Transcribe podcast episodes to use for other forms of content

Administrative Tasks

  1. Organize customer data
  2. Organize computer files
  3. Follow up with customers after their experience
  4. Schedule meetings with prospective clients
  5. Answer your business phone calls
  6. Transaction coordination
  7. Community management
  8. Data entry
  9. Book travel plans and accommodations
  10. Call back missed calls after business hours
  11. Hand-write thank-you notes to current or past customers
  12. Send hand-written cards to clients on special occasions
  13. Take notes during meetings
  14. Order office supplies
  15. Process payments from customers
  16. Schedule co-working spaces for meetings with clients
  17. Create presentations for meetings
  18. Manage contact lists
  19. Prepare reports for clients
  20. Be the point of contact for potential clients
  21. Transcribe meetings to have on record
  22. Transcribe webinars for accessibility
  23. Event planning, whether it be digital or physical
  24. Help desk support
  25. Respond to chatroom inquiries, no matter the time
  26. General administrative support

Accounting and Finance Tasks

  1. General bookkeeping
  2. Manage and keep track of digital receipts
  3. Keep online records
  4. Create and maintain spreadsheets
  5. Notate reimbursement of employee expenses
  6. Send out invoices to clients
  7. Set up payroll tools
  8. Manage your payroll tool
  9. Schedule payments to contractors
  10. Keep track of budgeting
  11. Open or close a client’s investment accounts
  12. Categorize expenses for tax forms
  13. Send tax information to your CPA

Processes and Logistics Tasks

  1. Design workflows for particular teams
  2. Set up processes for delivering goods or services
  3. Send surveys to clients regarding the experience of receiving products or services
  4. Create efficiency reports
  5. Communicate with suppliers
  6. Organize supplier delivery times
  7. Email customers to set up a delivery time
  8. Contact suppliers about delivery discrepancies
  9. Order supplies to make products
  10. Create schedules for delivery drivers
  11. CRM tool set up

Human Resources Tasks

  1. Design surveys to get feedback
  2. Organize anonymous feedback and claims
  3. Create company-wide surveys
  4. Send out surveys from your email address to fellow employees
  5. Interview employees as a neutral third-party
  6. Transcribe mediation meetings to have on record
  7. Email health resources for employees
  8. Help employees get signed up for insurance or benefits
  9. Create onboarding materials for new employees
  10. Manage the onboarding process for each new employee
  11. Answer questions from new employees
  12. Create presentations to welcome new employees
  13. Gather the most commonly asked questions to improve onboarding
  14. Research insurance companies to work with
  15. Manage performance reports

Recruiting Tasks

  1. Gather names of potential employees to contact
  2. Message prospects for open roles
  3. Give information about your company’s values and mission
  4. Do initial interviews to ensure prospects have the basic requirements for a role
  5. Follow up with candidates after their interview
  6. Schedule interviews with managers
  7. Order gifts for candidates
  8. Candidate nurturing

There you have it – the top 100 tasks a virtual team member can do for your business. As mentioned above, this just scratches the surface of all of the things a virtual assistant can do for your business. No matter your industry or how many employees you have, you will likely benefit from having a virtual assistant.

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