May 8, 2024

Elevate Your Client Success: Delegate to a Unicorn

Tackling every aspect of client success and experience single-handedly? That's a surefire recipe for stress. What if you could delegate these pivotal tasks to a Client Experience Unicorn, transforming not just your productivity but also the personalization of your client's journey? Let’s dive into how a Unicorn can become your partner in enhancing client relations and streamlining processes.

What Does a Client Experience Unicorn Do?

A Client Experience Unicorn is not just a facilitator but a strategist who develops and refines processes across each step of the customer lifecycle. Their core responsibilities include building and nurturing client relationships, gathering and acting on client feedback to continuously enhance the client experience. Overseeing the client experience, a Unicorn ensures that every member is not only efficient but also effective in resolving customer issues swiftly and satisfactorily. Typically equipped with substantial experience, a Client Experience Unicorn is well-versed in transforming customer interactions into lasting relationships and brand loyalty.

The Power of Client Experience Unicorns in the Customer Journey

Forget the old days of executive assistants being just a help for admin chores. Today’s Client Experience Unicorns are strategic players in nurturing your business growth by engaging actively throughout the customer journey. This journey starts from the first spark of interest in your service or product and continues through every phase of the client’s relationship with your brand.

How a Unicorn Champions Each Stage of the Customer Journey


  • Lead Generation: Unicorns take on the heavy lifting of generating leads through cold calls and digital engagement. Using tools like virtual dialers and CRM software, they expand your reach without spreading your resources thin.
  • Social Media Mastery: On platforms like LinkedIn, Unicorns forge connections with potential leads, utilizing tools like Sales Navigator to finely tune their search, ensuring every interaction is meaningful.
  • Understanding Core Clients: Unicorns dive deep into understanding your core clients and their specific pain points. This understanding drives the development of tailored solutions, making your initial engagements incredibly impactful and directly addressing the needs and challenges your clients face.


  • Seamless Transitions: Unicorns make sure that the onboarding process is smooth and tailored, setting up accounts, guiding new clients through initial usage, and ensuring they feel welcome and well-informed.
  • Custom Touches: By personalizing the onboarding experience based on client feedback and needs, Unicorns help craft an engaging and supportive start for every new client.


  • Dedicated Support: Unicorns handle day-to-day queries and troubleshoot issues swiftly, ensuring client satisfaction remains high.
  • Proactive Engagement: They monitor client activities to provide personalized interactions and suggest timely upgrades, turning regular users into loyal advocates.
  • Insightful Feedback: By continuously collecting and implementing client feedback, Unicorns refine your offerings and enhance overall customer experience.

Expanding the Unicorn’s Toolkit

With a Client Experience Unicorn, every customer interaction is more than just a transaction; it’s a step towards building a stronger, more resilient business. These specialists not only keep your operations smooth but also help your business stay ahead by:

  • Crafting Targeted Initiatives: They develop and execute strategies that hit the right notes with various client segments.
  • Sharpening Data Insights: Unicorns manage and analyze client data to forge better strategies and deliver tailored services.
  • Empowering Your Team: Through training sessions and sharing best practices, Unicorns elevate your team’s skills in client management and service delivery.

Partnering with a Client Experience Unicorn lets you focus on what you do best—growing your business—while they take care of making every client interaction count. It’s not just about delegating tasks; it’s about empowering your business with expertise and strategic insights that drive client satisfaction and loyalty. 

Ready to let a Unicorn transform your client journey? Reach out and discover the difference a dedicated partner can make in your venture towards success.

This addition of the Unicorn’s roles and responsibilities helps clarify the depth of their involvement and the strategic value they bring to your business, ensuring that your audience understands the comprehensive nature of what a Client Experience Unicorn does and how they can be pivotal to business success.

Consider the Power of TaaS (Teams as a Service)

When one Unicorn isn't enough, consider the compounded benefits of TaaS—Teams as a Service. Imagine pairing a Client Experience Unicorn with an Executive Assistant; this dynamic duo elevates your client experience by synergizing strategic oversight with tactical execution. 

The Executive Assistant manages your schedule and communications, allowing the Client Experience Unicorn to focus on enhancing client relations and refining customer journeys. Together, they form a comprehensive team that not only meets but anticipates the needs of your clients, offering a seamless experience that scales with your business. 

Explore TaaS with our 🦄 Success Team for a tailored solution that propels your client experience to new heights.