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Modernizing Real Estate with Assistantly's Global Talent at Compass

Compass, a leading real estate platform, faced the challenge of managing a rapidly growing team with diverse tasks. Assistantly provided a solution by offering talent for lead conversion, agent recruitment, and marketing. This allowed Compass to expand its clientele, strengthen its team, and enhance its brand exposure. By leveraging Assistantly's expertise, Compass was able to focus on core competencies while efficiently managing their business needs. Consider the benefits of Assistantly to enhance your operational efficiency and achieve more.

The Challenge

Handling Multifaceted Challenges in a Thriving Real Estate Team

Compass, a pioneer in building the first modern real estate platform, faced a significant challenge with its rapidly growing East Coast team. They juggled multiple goals – recruiting more agents, following up with seller and buyer leads, aiding agents with marketing material, and enhancing their SEO for a stronger digital presence. The multifaceted demands were stretching their resources, and they needed a solution.

The Problem

Balancing Agent Recruitment, Lead Follow-Up, Marketing, and SEO

The Compass team was engaged in a delicate balancing act. They needed to recruit more agents to handle their expanding business, yet they also had to follow up on many seller and buyer leads. Furthermore, they worked hard to support their agents with effective marketing material and improve their SEO for a solid digital footprint. This wide array of tasks was overwhelming their current resources.

The Solution

Utilizing Assistantly's Talent for Diverse Business Needs

The remedy to Compass's problem was found in Assistantly's talent pool. Compass enlisted Assistantly's help and saw immediate improvements in all aspects of their operations.

They hired Inside Sales Agents (ISAs) from Assistantly for lead conversion. These ISAs followed up on leads and converted them into clients, increasing Compass's clientele.

To boost its team size, Compass hired agent recruiters from Assistantly. These recruiters brought more agents into the Compass team, strengthening their manpower.

For the crucial area of marketing, Compass hired marketing specialists from Assistantly. These specialists enhanced the agents' social media presence and created engaging marketing collateral, contributing to Compass's brand exposure.

"Assistantly's versatile talent pool has significantly impacted our operations. Their expertise in diverse areas has enabled us to focus on our core competencies while ensuring all our business aspects are well managed." - Dustin Oldfather, CEO, Oldfather Group

Expand Your Business Capabilities with Assistantly

If your business faces similar challenges, Assistantly could be the answer. By leveraging their global talent pool, you can enhance your operational efficiency, manage diverse business needs, and maintain service quality while focusing on your strategic goals. With Assistantly, you can achieve more and stress less.