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Elevating Real Estate Operations with Assistantly's Global Talent at Real

Real, a rapidly growing residential real estate company, faced the challenge of expanding with limited team capacity. Assistantly provided a solution by leveraging offshore talent. An operations specialist streamlined onboarding processes, while skilled team members handled marketing needs. This resulted in improved operational efficiency and a 40% reduction in payroll costs compared to domestic hiring. With Assistantly's support, Real's executives were able to focus on strategic tasks and drive growth. Assistantly's offshore talent empowered Real to overcome team limitations and achieve their goals.

The Challenge

Navigating Rapid Growth and Team Limits

Real, a frontrunner in the residential real estate industry was riding a wave of fast-paced growth. With a strong presence across 44 states, D.C., and two Canadian provinces and an expansive network of over 12,000 agents, Real was encountering the challenges of rapid expansion. The existing team, although proficient, was reaching its capacity, and the C-level executives were bearing the brunt of the growing operational demands.

The Problem

Growing Needs with Limited Staff

The escalating success of Real was swiftly surpassing its current team's ability to keep up, especially within the critical areas of marketing and operations. The pressure on the executives was intensifying, with their duties expanding faster than their management capacity. The key issue was to balance the increasing demands while maintaining the quality and timeliness of deliverables.

The Solution

Maximizing Efficiency with Assistantly's Offshore Talent

Real found a lifeline in Assistantly. They enlisted the services of an operations specialist from Assistantly, who immediately got to work streamlining the onboarding process for new agents. The new team member helped familiarize these agents with Real's in-house systems, enhancing the onboarding experience and overall operational efficiency.

For marketing needs, Real hired Assistantly team members skilled in social media management, creating compelling pitch decks, and generating marketing collateral to boost Real's brand visibility. This strategic move led to a sizable reduction of 40% in payroll costs compared to hiring domestically, bringing substantial savings.

With Assistantly's support, the executives found they could concentrate on their high-level strategic tasks, freeing them up to focus on transforming Real into the fastest-growing brokerage in the country.

"Assistantly's offshore talent has significantly boosted our operational efficiency and given us the freedom to focus on our core mission - growth." - Sharran Srivatsaa, President, Real

Elevate Your Operations with Assistantly

For businesses experiencing rapid growth and similar challenges, Assistantly is your solution. By harnessing their global talent pool, you can effectively balance expanding needs with available resources, maintain service quality, and ensure smooth operations amidst rapid growth. With Assistantly, you can optimize your business efficiency and focus on your growth objectives.